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Château Hautefort Luxury Treehouse


Château Hautefort is a charming cabin built into the trees of Nojals-et-Clotte, France, and part of Châteaux dans les Arbres, a complex of tree houses available as lodging.

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Doodled around with watercolor ink on friday, because I was frustrated. I like the combination of Cortéz and blood too much.



Check out the awesomely long tails on these roosters! These regal specimens are Onagadori or “Long-tailed” chickens. They’re a breed of chicken from the Kōchi Prefecture of Japan who evolved from common domestic chickens who mated with Green Junglefowl. Also known as the ‘most honorable fowl’ in Japan, they’ve been carefully bred over the centuries to achieve their spectacular tails, which grow to lengths of 12 to 27 feet. It takes these chickens at least three years to molt. Onagadori breeders take tremendous pride in their chickens and provide special hutches with perches well above the ground, which helps keep their tails clean and in good condition.

If Rapunzel had been a chicken, she probably would’ve looked a lot like one of these awesome birds. These extraordinarily fancy fowl have Special Natural Monument status in Japan, which means they’re considered to be living monuments of Japanese culture and, as a protected breed, it’s illegal to take their eggs out of the country.

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reblog if an rp was so good or so emotional it actually made you tear up and/or cry.

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I was able to get my hands on the watercolor ink from coloreX! And I´ve to say I totally love it! The colours are so bright and nice.

I made some aceo cards!

First row: Ursula from Disneys “The little Mermaid”, Emily from “Corpse Bride”

Second row: Tremus and Leonard, OCs owned by the wonderful slgma!

Third row: Sai from Ghiblis “Princess Mononoke” and Victoria from Strayer!

Fourth row: Cortéz and Eleven, also from Strayer!

Hope you like them!


:( lonely dogs

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My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here

I can’t get over the pack of ukes. I scroll past them and die laughing every time. XD


I´ll maybe try to make keychains soon again. Hastily colored.

Read Strayer here and here.




stay woke
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Start reading Strayer HERE!


Aaaaaaand, another wip. I don´t even know what I am doing with this background anymore.

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Trying to get at least two pages done until tomorrows update! Smal wip.